[pulseaudio-discuss] Looking for beginers configuration guide

Pete Nesbitt pete at linux1.ca
Sun Dec 21 20:32:28 PST 2008

Hi all,
I have been trying to hack thru getting a music appliance (no gui) to
play locally as well as over the network. I have had mixed results but
have yet to get both local and remote sound at the same time. I'm
having other issues with Alsa as it does not like the PCM device names
I try (not sure how to find the correct string to use).

Anyway, I am not as much looking for what to do to fix that, but am
looking to understand what is going on. I am well versed in Linux but
very limited knowledge with sound systems. I'm finding the docs expect
a certain level of prior knowledge or else you just follow blindly. I
would like to understand how it works. Even things like a detailed
explanation of the client/server relationship (I'm thinking it leans
towards X11 terminology(?) or detailed examples of modules (syntax and
functions), how to determine if I need Esound or Alsa, module
dependencies like if I use RTP do I also need TCP (reg or simple?),

I'm not a developer and don't really want to see source code, just more
information of configuration variations, maybe troubleshooting modules
loading, anything so I can understand whats going on. I want to fix it
but understand what is wrong and why.

Can anyone point me towards a site or guide?

Pete Nesbitt


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