[pulseaudio-discuss] Segfault on startup

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon Dec 22 06:18:39 PST 2008

On Mon, 22.12.08 14:45, Hynek Hanke (hanke at brailcom.org) wrote:

> Hello,
> when I start Pulse Audio, I get Segmentation fault on startup
> every time I try to launch it:
> hanke at mach:~/cvs/speechd/src/audio$ pulseaudio
> I: caps.c: Limited capabilities successfully to CAP_SYS_NICE.
> I: caps.c: Dropping root priviliges.
> I: caps.c: Limited capabilities successfully to CAP_SYS_NICE.
> W: ltdl-bind-now.c: Failed to find original dlopen loader.
> W: pid.c: Stale PID file, overwriting.
> Segmentation fault
> This is with 2.6.27-7-generic kernel and libasound2 1.0.18-1ubuntu1
> on Ubuntu Intrepid. I'm sending the full log in attachment bellow.

Hmm, see no attachment.

> What is the procedure to obtain the most useful information
> about the problem? I don't know how to run pulseaudio with
> gdb or valgrind because of the setuid/setgid. I see that
> Pulse Audio has built-in support for valgrind debugging. How to
> turn it on?

The suid stuff should not matter much for debugging.

For valgrind support you simply have to have the valgrind-devel (or
however that package is called on your distro) installed during
configuration of the build tree. It's effect is minimal though: it
simply makes some redundant warnings disappear that valgrind is
confused about because it doesn't know the ALSA ioctls in detail.

Also, if you set the env var VALGRIND=1 and then start PA it will
refrain from using the getcap/setcap calls which at least my version
of valgrind still chokes on.

But anyway, gdb should be fine to find the culprit here. And that PA
is suid shouldn't really matter.

Note that Ubuntu updated to libtool 2.2 but didn't really update PA's
lt usage accordingly. There's some major borkage in there. (i.e. the
"Failed to find..." msg is due to that fuckup)


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