[pulseaudio-discuss] Flash Player 10

Paul Jones raptorman18 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 19:11:14 PST 2008

Hi. My name is Paul, Raptorman18, I'm also known as Mrbigshot, I wrote 
that how-to on the debian user forums.

Anyway, I've been using flash player 10 beta from adobe, I know that 
this new flash player calls pulse properly and we should see a lot more 
stability, and I can already tell we do.

The problem is there is still the occasional crash, and I would like to 
help as much as possible to make sure that this adobe flash is as stable 
as possible.

One of the problems is I can't be sure which crashes are caused by what, 
my computers all use compiz and they are all in debian unstable for the 
most part, one is 64 bit, so it can be hard to pin down.

Is there anything I can do to collect information and help pin down 
these problems, backtraces maybe from iceweasel? If so, where do I send 
the information?

I just want to help out more, because for the most part I know how to 
use Linux well, I don't spend a lot of time setting up my debian 
installs anymore, so I have time on the computer to spare, might as well 
be productive. :).


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