[pulseaudio-discuss] Help wanted for porting Skype to use PulseAudio

Jan-Benedict Glaw jbglaw at lug-owl.de
Sat Feb 2 08:38:18 PST 2008

On Sat, 2008-02-02 13:01:34 +0000, Colin Guthrie <gmane at colin.guthr.ie> wrote:
> Rémi Cardona wrote:
> > As Skype is a proprietary application, I think it'd be a good thing if 
> > they did their PA support like Macromedia/Adobe did for flash, using 
> > libflashsupport.
> Big +1 on this. Making it a community project would seriously help their
> Linux users and as a result their reputation (Skype's) would increase.

Where's the actual pro for Skype?  I'm somewhat happy with Ekiga...
Though it doesn't have direct support for PA, ALSA default works and
placing pulse redirection into asound.conf does the trick.


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