[pulseaudio-discuss] if on UbuntuHardy do i have to do something before using jack?

'2+ electriclightheads at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 18:44:53 PST 2008

installed UbuntuHardyAlpha4 on my USB-Flash
when this booted from ARTiGO(VIA pico-ITX)
ALSA does fine (except play of sox gices an io error)
but Jack doesn't
actually jackd nor each apps don't blame me of anything ... but simply no sound
looked into alsamixer and found that PCM doesn't have 00 nor MM stated
under it..
they say that pulseaudio is enabled by default on Hardy
(but someone told me that lauching jackd will kill it automatically ..
ain't true?)
so ... maybe i have to do something if i want to use jack in a way i
used it on Gutsy?



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