[pulseaudio-discuss] Help wanted for porting Skype to use PulseAudio

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Wed Feb 13 04:38:33 PST 2008

On Sat, 02.02.08 01:55, Tanu Kaskinen (tanuk at iki.fi) wrote:

> Happened tonight on #pulseaudio:
> 00:41 < Q-FUNK> guys, it appears that Skype might be willing
>                 to become good audiozens and stop accessing 
>                 ALSA directly.  
> 00:41 < Q-FUNK> however, they would need help to understand
>                 what's required for stripping ALSA and OSS 
>                 support out of Skype and replacing it with
>                 native PulseAudio support.
> 00:41 < Q-FUNK> any volunteer I could put them in touch with?
> <snip content="[no volunteers, some discussion about this
>                 list requiring subscription]" />
> 01:30 < Q-FUNK> well, anyhow, if anybody is willing to post
>                 the above to the list on my behalf, I can 
>                 put whoever is willing to explain to them
>                 how it's done in touch with my insider.
> 01:31 < Q-FUNK> there was initial resistance, followed by
>                 attempts to dodge the issue by pointing me
>                 to various workarounds, and only now,
>                 tonight, admittance that porting to PA might
>                 be the way to go.
> 01:32 < Q-FUNK> we need to follow-up now, while they're
>                 still convinced that it's worth doing.
> Interested people should contact Martin-Éric Racine. Irc is
> preferred, he's always on Freenode and IRCnet with nick

My take on this in case some of you don't read my blog anyway (how
dare you not to?!?! ;-)):


(scroll down to "Rumors")


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