[pulseaudio-discuss] Help wanted for porting Skype to use PulseAudio

Rémi Cardona remi at gentoo.org
Wed Feb 13 05:26:07 PST 2008

Lennart Poettering a écrit :
> On Sat, 02.02.08 09:41, Rémi Cardona (remi at gentoo.org) wrote:
>> As Skype is a proprietary application, I think it'd be a good thing if 
>> they did their PA support like Macromedia/Adobe did for flash, using 
>> libflashsupport.
> Uh. It's not Adobe who did the PA support, it was actually -- me!

I know it was you :) I just meant to say that the original 
libflashsupport (with ALSA support, iirc) was made by Adobe.

> Also, libflashsupport is not exactly at the zenith auf API
> design or implementation. Dunno if it is useful as a positive example.

You are a much better judge for this sort of things than most of us :) 
But even if the implementation of libflashsupport sucks, it at least 
gives "the community" the opportunity to fix or adapt proprietary 
software to our new APIs. And _that_ is a nice idea which should be 

But yeah, writing a clean ALSA client that doesn't try to be clever is 
also a very good starting point.



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