[pulseaudio-discuss] Bluetooth earpieces and headsets?

Brad Midgley bmidgley at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 15:46:20 PST 2008


it has been in my to-do list to completely document using the alsa
plugin under pulse in the bluez wiki :)

>  Then everytime I login I have to:
>   - activate the audio service in bluetooth-properties

did you try adding Autostart=true to /etc/bluetooth/audio.service?

>   - run: pactl load-module module-alsa-sink device=headset

maybe this is why I had problems... I tried to put this in the config
file (granted, a few versions ago) and it would fail trying to contact
the headset during pulse startup.

>   - use pavucontrol to make the headset sink the default

excellent. I need to upgrade pulse and I'll try it out too.


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