[pulseaudio-discuss] pavucontrol -- server selection?

Paul Fox pgf at foxharp.boston.ma.us
Sun Feb 24 14:02:26 PST 2008

can pavucontrol be used to control the volume or streams of a
remote server?  if so, how does one specify the server?  there's
no usage message, and PULSE_SERVER doesn't seem to be honored.

so, assuming it must be local, i still can't get it to work.  when
i run it on the same machine as the server,  i get a "Connection
failed:  invalid server" error.

any ideas?  (i'm on ubuntu, so the version is 0.9.6)

p.s.  is there more documentation planned for the pulseaudio
utilities and commands?  honestly, a statement (quoting from
the website) like "There is not much to say.  Just run
pavucontrol and see for yourself." is kind of insulting to a
user looking for help -- why have a documentation link at all? 
even a usage message in the program saying "there are no options"
would be more useful.

 paul fox, pgf at foxharp.boston.ma.us (arlington, ma, where it's 31.5 degrees)

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