[pulseaudio-discuss] pavucontrol -- server selection?

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Feb 25 01:35:22 PST 2008

David Kågedal wrote:
>> well, i was about to point out that i'd already tried PULSE_SERVER,
>> but i tried it again, and now it works.  dammit.  :-)
>> i have no idea why it didn't work before.  i found the command in
>> my shell history to re-run it, so it wasn't a typo.  i've used pulse
>> to listen to some music in the meantime, but i'd be surprised if that
>> affected how pavucontrol works.  :-/
>> well....  wait.  it now works remotely, but not locally.
>> okay.  i'm confused.
> It sounds like you need to show us exactly the commands you
> run. Starting from a fresh shell.

Yeah I think you may not be using/understanding "export" correctly.

>From a fresh shell you can do:

$ PULSE_SERVER=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx pavucontrol

for a one use only remote pavucontrol,

Or you can do (as two separate commands)

$ export PULSE_SERVER=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
$ pavucontrol

The export will set the variable for the duration of the shell session
so no matter how often you run pavucontrol (or any other pulse-aware app
for that matter) it will work with the server you specify.

You can use:


to clear it.

If you use a shell other than bash then the commands you use may be
different :)


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