[pulseaudio-discuss] Emulate Alsa A52 plugin in pulseaudio ?

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Thu Feb 28 21:44:25 PST 2008

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 09:36:20PM -0500, Jim Duda wrote:
> Unfortunately, using a52encode as a device doesn't seem to work.  I 
> tried by a52encode and a52.
> lroom# /usr/bin/pulseaudio --system
> ALSA lib control.c:909:(snd_ctl_open_noupdate) Invalid CTL surround51:0
> W: alsa-util.c: Unable to attach to mixer surround51:0: No such file or 
> directory
> ALSA lib pcm.c:2144:(snd_pcm_open_noupdate) Unknown PCM a52encode
> E: module-alsa-sink.c: Error opening PCM device a52encode: No such file 
> or directory

Which file doesn't exist?
"strace -f pulseaudio --system > strace.out 2>&1" should
give the answer. Before running that I'd check if changing
a52encode:0 to just a52encode would help. The :0 part
identifies the card and I think a52encode isn't associated
with any specific card.

Since I don't know much about the a52 plugin, I really am
not sure that pulseaudio can use it at all.

Tanu Kaskinen

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