[pulseaudio-discuss] selective sound amplification by frequency @ PulseAudio.

Adam Sulmicki sulmicki at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 12:08:46 PST 2008


I was wondering. Is there some way to do the following in PulseAudio:


I know I can do "normal" amplification which will raise all frequencies
across range equally.

However, for hard of hearing people it might be better to raise some
frequencies more than other.

The same thing goes for the older people who usually lose the high frequency
hearing over the time.

Here's a sample audiogram:


If we were use it as guide, we would need to amplify:
* 2k frequency by 10db,
* 4k frequency by 40db, and
* 8k frequency by 20db

and hopefully all frequencies in between linearly by some value in between.

after that simple amplification by 10db across range would be a Finish.

Can this be done on PC under Linux? without using DSP? I tried to Google for
this but I got no useful hits.

Any idea? Pointers to better mailing list to ask this question?

Adam Sulmicki
http://www.eax.com      The Supreme Headquarters of the 32 bit registers
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