[pulseaudio-discuss] Skype and gMFSK and PA

Lennart Poettering mzerqung at 0pointer.de
Sat Jan 12 07:44:03 PST 2008

On Thu, 10.01.08 09:13, Karl Larsen (k5di at zianet.com) wrote:

>     I got pulseaudio working on F8 and the normal audio on movies and 
> such is fine. But I tried gMFSK which is an application that uses the 
> sound-card DSP engine. It looks fine but when I try to receive digital 
> data it suffers very bad interference and it will not transmit because 
> it says /dev/dsp is busy.

gMFSK seems to be a program that uses OSS (/dev/dsp) directly. For
those you have two options:

1) Use "padsp" to redirect it to PA. Just prefix your application call
   with "padsp". 

2) Use "pasuspender" to temporarily tell PA to give up access to the
   audio device. This is probably the better way to fix this if you
   need lowest-possible latencies. (I am not sure if you need those,
   but I assume so, given this seems to be some modem sw?)

>     Sype comes up fine and appears to receive data but when I try to 
> call anyone or answer a call they can't hear me at all, and all I hear 
> is noise.

Skype is closed source software. It's very difficult to get this
working out of the box for you, due to its nature.



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