[pulseaudio-discuss] cracks and pops with intelHDA

Erik Slagter erik at slagter.name
Mon Jan 14 07:29:03 PST 2008

Lennart Poettering wrote:
> On Sun, 13.01.08 11:43, Erik Slagter (erik at slagter.name) wrote:
>> How about assigning the main thread or all threads SCHED_RR?

> When PA starts up it will try to acquire a negative nice level (-11),
> and then drop the capability to decrease the nice level any
> further. The RT threads then each acquire SCHED_FIFO.

I mean, instead of trying to lower the priority of the main process, 
assign it SCHED_RR? That way it would always get executed before any 
regular process, but still it wouldn't stop the real high-prio 
SCHED_FIFO process from running most of the time. Or fiddle something 
with the realtime priorities...

> In all released version of PA hrtimers are not really that
> important. This will change with 0.9.9, however.
> hrtimers are only available on x86 for (not even amd64) in very recent
> kernels. The .config option is CONFIG_HIGH_RES_TIMERS=y.

Yes, that one is actually set in my config, but guess, I am running 
amd64... That explains the lot.
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