[pulseaudio-discuss] Calling all pulseaudio packagers!!

Jean-Michel Dault jmdault at revolutionlinux.com
Tue Jan 29 07:03:30 PST 2008

Le mardi 29 janvier 2008 à 10:23 +0000, Colin Guthrie a écrit :

> If we all agree that fixing these issues is "A Good Thing" perhaps we
> should create a wiki page where we just jot down a quick not to say e.g.
> "Patched package x with the following patch to fix pulse audio" etc.

I totally agree with you. 

A while ago, I updated the PerfectSetup page on the Pulse Wiki to have
workarounds for each application that I used.

I feel it's important that the PulseAudio community knows the status of
each application, so we can all work together in improving Pulse.

What I suggest is:
- If an application can be fixed by the user, it goes to the
PerfectSetup page
- For the rest, we put a "Patches" page, with sections for each distro,
so packagers can share bugfixes.

It would be great to have contact information for Pulse packagers on
that page as well.

What do you think?

PS: Colin, do you work on d'Aboukir street? If so, say hello to everyone
for me (I'm an ex Mandriva employee).

Jean-Michel Dault <jmdault at revolutionlinux.com>
Révolution Linux inc.

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