[pulseaudio-discuss] Help in setting up PA

Richard Geddes rich.geddes at verizon.net
Thu Jan 31 17:52:32 PST 2008

The PA server has yet to deliver sound to my speakers.  However, I
noticed you had some special advice for someone configuring their
M-Audio Delta44... I have an M-Audio Delta 66 and tried your suggestion
for the M-Audio Delta 44:

So, what you'll have to do is edit /etc/pulse/default.pa. 

Comment out module-hal-detect and module-detect, and then add these
lines (if you don't need the sources, leave them out):

# Load Delta 44:
load-module module-alsa-sink sink_name=delta_out device=hw:0 channels=10
load-module module-alsa-source source_name=delta_in device=hw:0

# Set the default sink and source (not mandatory, intel-hda
# would probably be used without this):
set-default-sink delta_out
set-default-source delta_in


The PA daemon is not starting and PA Manager is say "connection refused"
.  Not sure what to make of it, but your suggestions are welcome.

Here's some output from /var/log/messages:

> pulseaudio[7278]: main.c: Module load failed.
> pulseaudio[7278]: main.c: failed to initialize daemon.
> pulseaudio[7288]: pid.c: daemon already running.
> pulseaudio[7288]: main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.
> pulseaudio[7291]: pid.c: daemon already running.
> pulseaudio[7291]: main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.
> pulseaudio[7285]: module-alsa-sink.c: Failed to set hardware
> parameters: Operation not permitted
> pulseaudio[7285]: module.c: Failed to load  module "module-alsa-sink"
> (argument: "sink_name=delta_out device=hw:0 channels=10
> channel_map=left,right,aux0,aux1,aux2,aux3,aux4,aux5,aux6,aux7"):
> initialization failed.
> pulseaudio[7285]: main.c: Module load failed.
> pulseaudio[7285]: main.c: failed to initialize daemon.
> pulseaudio[7294]: module-alsa-sink.c: Failed to set hardware
> parameters: Operation not permitted
> pulseaudio[7294]: module.c: Failed to load  module "module-alsa-sink"
> (argument: "sink_name=delta_out device=hw:0 channels=10
> channel_map=left,right,aux0,aux1,aux2,aux3,aux4,aux5,aux6,aux7"):
> initialization failed.
> pulseaudio[7294]: main.c: Module load failed.
> pulseaudio[7294]: main.c: failed to initialize daemon.

Tanu Kaskinen wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 20, 2008 at 02:49:25PM -0500, Richard Geddes wrote:
>> Thanks for the response.
>> Currently, I'd like to use PA as a replacement for esound... to
>> basically send audio from different programs and from my audio capture
>> card to my audio playback card (capture and playback are on the same
>> card), taking advantage of mixing and syncing features of PA.   Sending
>> sound packets out to the network is interesting and I'd like to try that
>> later.
>> Here's the uncommented part of my /etc/pulse/default.pa file:
> The things that you wrote and pasted to your last message
> looked a lot like you were experimenting with the rtp
> modules, so I guess this is a different version of the file?
> If not, then that would be really strange behaviour (the RTP
> activity), I think. I haven't played with networking stuff
> at all myself, though.
> Anyway, I'll go through the file and give some comments.
>> #!/usr/bin/pulseaudio -nF
>> .ifexists /usr/lib/pulse-0.9/modules/module-hal-detect.so
>> load-module module-hal-detect
>> .else
>> load-module module-detect
>> .endif
> Here you have sound card autodetection set up. I think it's
> not compatible with the autoload stuff here:
>> add-autoload-sink output module-alsa-sink device=hw:0 sink_name=output
>> add-autoload-source input module-alsa-source device=hw:0 source_name=input
> Do you have a hotpluggable sound card, or why are these
> autoload entries here? module-hal-detect should take care of
> the hotplugging stuff, so I think the autoload feature is
> deprecated or for those cases when you do not want to use
> HAL. I'm not sure about the last statement. Anyway, if you
> don't have any special reason for these, remove them.
>> .ifexists /usr/lib/pulse-0.9/modules/module-esound-protocol-unix.so
>> load-module module-esound-protocol-unix
>> .endif
> With this line you should have support for esound
> applications (assuming that the module is installed on the
> system). You said that you wanted to replace esd. This
> should achieve that goal (along with the
> pulseaudio-esound-compat package, be sure to have that
> installed too).
> However, with this being the only loaded protocol, now your
> system doesn't support anything but esound apps. So add
> "load-module module-native-protocol-unix" too to have better
> application support. This will allow native pulse clients to
> connect. If you want support for applications using alsa as
> the interface (and why wouldn't you?), see the instructions
> at
> http://www.pulseaudio.org/wiki/PerfectSetup#ALSAApplications.
> Or maybe you've done that already.
> Rest of the file seemed to be fine.
> If problems arise, output of pulseaudio -vv will be useful.
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