[pulseaudio-discuss] PulseAudio <-> ALSA issues

Wolfgang Rosenauer wolfgang at rosenauer.org
Tue Jul 8 04:59:18 PDT 2008


I have an application (which is not OSS unfortunately) using ALSA output.
Sound works fine on systems where no pulseaudio is running but doesn't 
work at all as soon as PA is running (Gnome desktops on latest Ubuntu 
and openSUSE versions were tested).
I've also opened a bug here:

I've rewritten some of the Alsa-using code to fix some issues which were 
in the application but in its current state I can't think of a major 
issue in the app which would cause PA to fail.
alsa lib doesn't return an error in any of it's calls but sound simply 
doesn't start while it should.

The device seems to be initialized correctly and PCM stream is written 
to the buffer but stream never starts. The pulse audio config thingy is 
showing the application and offers a volume control for it but that's it.

Anyone has any hints for me please?


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