[pulseaudio-discuss] hotplugging USB audio device

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Wed Jul 9 22:47:39 PDT 2008


following situation:

    * A notebook with working loudspeakers but failing headphones – as
      soon as the headphones are plugged in, there is no sound. This
      is most likely a hardware problem since it happens with Windows

    * A small USB audio adapter which is properly recognized by
      openSuSE (this is, by ALSA).

I now want to have this behaviour (which is independent on the
hardware failure; I believe that such a behaviour would be beneficial
in general):

    * As soon as I plug in the USB audio adapter, the whole system
      should use it instead of the built-in sound system. Of course,
      as soon as a remove it, the built-in sound system should be used

I was told that PulseAudio might be a solution (I've never tried it
yet).  How can I do this?


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