[pulseaudio-discuss] logged in twice using pulse

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Jul 10 08:06:53 PDT 2008

Ken Mandelberg wrote:
> We are running Ubuntu 8.04 on a Sunray (thin client) server. Every thin 
> client login gets its own AUDIODEV and its own pulseaudio server.
> However, it is possible for the same user to have simultaneous logins 
> from different locations on different thin clients. The first obstacle 
> to this is the single pid file per uid, which can be sort of worked 
> around by using --use-pid-file=false.
> The second obstacle is that pulseaudio uses a variety of uid named unix 
> domain sockets, which are unavailable to the second instance.

Hmmm, interesting concept.

It would of course be easier if the Sunray server didn't actually issue 
an AUDIODEV for each client and didn't start a pulse server. The best 
thing would be to start the pulse server *on* the thin client and ensure 
the necessary x11 properties or environment variables were set to allow 
the output from a pulse client app running on the server to be sent to 
the running instance on the actual thin client.

I think the git master version actually allows multiple servers to run 
nicer anyway (could be wrong here... just scanning the code), but even 
if it can't, you can change the STATE path via the "PULSE_STATE_PATH" 
env var. So each new connection from say an IP could tweak this env var 
to /tmp/pulse-$USER/<IP>/ or something similar.

I'm not too familiar with the master version tho', but I'd imagine this 
kind of feature will help you.

I don't think 0.9.10 can adjust the state dir (but it would be pretty 
trivial to patch it to be honest).

HTHs and is not totally inaccurate :D


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