[pulseaudio-discuss] pulseaudio and alsa snd-hda-intel driver

Jack Howarth howarth at bromo.msbb.uc.edu
Mon Jul 21 08:26:59 PDT 2008

  Thanks for the replies. I am using the 2.6.26-git5 kernel srpm from
rawhide because git5 has the alsa 1.0.17 drivers merged into the kernel
tree. I have manually rebuilt all of the alsa srpms in rawhide with the
1.0.17 sources. I guess my mistake was in assuming that the latest
0.9.11 pulseaudio release would be less buggy than the previous one.
This may explain the oddity I have been seeing with the flash plugin.
My original attempts with Fedora 9 used the kernel and 
manually installed alsa-drivers and alsa rpms for 1.0.17rc3. This
didn't give me a usable pulseaudio but with the pulseaudio server
deinstalled I did get flash audio.
   Since upgrading to the newer pulseaudio 0.9.11 rpms, I haven't
been able to get flash audio again. I guess I should regress back
to the 0.9.10 release by rebuilding that srpm against the new
alsa 1.0.17.

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