[pulseaudio-discuss] bluez-pulseaudio status

João Paulo Rechi Vita joao.vita at gmail.com
Sat Jul 26 16:41:50 PDT 2008

Device discovery is almost complete, through module-bt-discover. To be
complete, dynamic detection should be added, and it will be done soon.
Some work on module-bt-device has already started.

Code is being published in git://gitorious.org/pulseaudio/mainline.git
, in a branch called bt. I'm keeping the master branch up-to-date with
main pulseaudio, and rebasing my branch on it, from time to time.

This status message is also on the BlueZ wiki at

Comments / suggestions are very welcomed.

João Paulo Rechi Vita
MSc Computer Science Student
Computer Engineer
IC / Unicamp

irc.freenode.net: jprvita

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