[pulseaudio-discuss] Multiseat and pulseaudio

Muylle Bart Muylle.Bart at skynet.be
Wed Jul 30 01:37:51 PDT 2008


I try to make my multiseatcomputer 4 seats working with sound. But I 
don't have any result, the sound comes always out of the same output on 
every screen. ( on the system I have 1 hardware soundcard on the 
mainboard and 3 usb sound-cards)

I have installed pulseaudio with a system-wide deamon. I setup the 
device chooser , I have edit the .pulse/default-sink for the default 
output, but it stil doesn't work.
I have also done the perfect setup, but the flashplayer crash not 
sometime, but always with the flashplayer 10 beta, with the version 9 it 
works, but not on the right sound-output.

What did I wron ?  When you need logs or anything say it.

My linux distro is ubuntu hardy.

Tank you for any help.

Muylle Bart

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