[pulseaudio-discuss] Re : Effects of Clock Resolution on Pulseaudio

keith preston keithpre at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 07:46:52 PDT 2008

> Marvell Xscale processor family provides some SSE-like instructions, and
> others ARM vendor may have different solution on SIMD and vector.

If you look at
They actually use the marvell processor and a specific resampler and
mixer written for the process.

> I think
> a generic ARM implementation is better for open source, as Nick said. On
> the other hand, it is great to have some plugin interfaces for users to
> insert their own resampler and mixing functions. The ARM vendor
> usually provides some optimized functions based on their architecture.
> So I like the resampler implementation very well, and I could insert my
> routines to replace the one in PA.

The resampler is already pluggable, I just think that the mixer should
also be pluggable.

Keith Preston

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