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Juan A Fuentes Bermudez juanantofb at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 12:19:06 PDT 2008

hi, sorry, i am a low vision people, if the rules not want people as my, i 
am go out


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On Wed, 04.06.08 10:38, Richard Geddes (rich.geddes at verizon.net) wrote:

> mi madre es peruana y mi padre es escosés pero la mayoría de mi vida he
> pasado en los estados unidos... asi que, para evitar malentendidos, uso
> ingles en discuccioes tecnicas

Guys could we stop this please?

What you guys are exchanging here is very much off-topic and marking
it with an [OT] doesn't make that any better.

Then, this is supposed to be an english language mailing list. Don't
post in spanish.

Also, you guys keep sending > 40KB emails to a mailing list. This
is very impolite to people with slow internert connections. And I have
to ack every single message over this size limit manually in
mailman -- this one is the last one will accept in your thread.

Finally, please try to format your emails more sensibly in a more, uh,
mailing list compatible way. This includes removing irrelevant text in
replies and not doing stupid top-posting (TOFU).

Let's all help to keep the signal-to-noise ratio on our mailing lists
high, otherwise you are making it very difficult for people who
subscribe to a lot of lists to find the relevant posts in this giant
haystack in their limited time. If you want high quality and friendly
replies to your posts from time to time, then please don't scare the
devs away with lowering the signal-to-noise ratio unecessarily.

Thank you very much for your understanding,


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