[pulseaudio-discuss] Needed kernel modules for pulseaudio

Michael Schöller michael.schoeller at schoeller-soft.net
Thu Jun 12 15:03:54 PDT 2008

Lennart Poettering schrieb:
> On Thu, 12.06.08 00:04, Michael Schöller (michael.schoeller at schoeller-soft.net) wrote:
>> I'm really sorry if this is the wrong place to ask or if this question 
>> was already answered 100 times before but I did not find anything about 
>> this.
>> I'm running Fedora9 on an PS3. I configured pulseaudio and with the 
>> default kernel sound is running fine. Now I want to compile my own 
>> kernel. So I download the newest kernel sources from the ps3 kernel tree 
>> and created an config file with make ps3_defconfig. Well with this 
>> kernel sound aplay is working so sound support seems to be ok. The 
>> problem is that it looks like pulse audio is not finding the sound 
>> device. The mixer applet in gnome stop working too.
>> So my question is what have to be activated in the kernelconfig, so that 
>> pulseaudio (or maybe audio, I'm not really sure if this is an pulseaudio 
>> problem) is working again. Maybe it has something to do with HAL support 
>> but I know really nothing about that stuff so I hope some "sound 
>> experts" could give me an Hand.
> Check if your sound card is found by "lshal". If it is, is it tagged
> as ALSA device, i.e. bears properties that begin with "alsa."?
> Lennart
Ok solved the problem an other way. This time I do not use make 
ps3_defconfig but make oldconfig. The kernel now is much bigger (and 
slower) but pulseaudio is working (so its no version conflict problem). 
If I run in the same problem again I will take your advices and try to 
locate the needed config entry.

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