[pulseaudio-discuss] How to PA -> PA

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Jun 18 06:05:07 PDT 2008

David Kågedal wrote:
> Colin Guthrie <gmane at colin.guthr.ie> writes:
>> Hi,
>> First of all, I'm a bit confused by your setup.
>> Am I right in saying that you want to *run* applications on you your 
>> server but have the display *and* sound come out on the X client? This 
>> is what I'd guess as being the typical setup and should work out of the 
>> box without any manual tweaking:
> You sound confused. Remember that the X terminal machine runs the X
> server. And the X client runs on the server machine.

Arg. yes. my terminology is bad there, but the principle still stand!

Regardless of the correct terms, in the mail I wrote the server is the 
machine where the app is physically running, and the client is where it 
is displayed (it's the same terminology with regards to pulseaudio 
servers, and I probably did get that it vaguely right which confused 
thing more!)

I blame the phrase "an old client X box" for throwing me off the scent 
initially! :p

Anyway for clarification:

  App "server"       X Terminal
+------------+     +----------+
| No X11 Svr +     + X11 Svr  +
| No PA Svr  +     + PA Svr   +
| SSH Svr    +     + SSH Clnt +
+------------+     +----------+
                       /    \

                   (Loud Speakers)

That would be my picture of things (yes I got a crap grade at art!).

You start on the "X terminal" and you want to SSH to "App server" and 
run you application with the visual display and the sound of what you 
run on your local display/speakers! This is the typical setup most 
people want.

Is this what you want Fog_Watch?

The other alternative is that you want to run a local application on 
your X Terminal but want the sound output to your App Server's speakers.

Like I say, just clarify what you want to do and I'll try and explain 
how to do it!

/me needs to get more sleep.


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