[pulseaudio-discuss] index of sink attached to stream

cal cal at graggrag.com
Sat Jun 28 11:54:58 PDT 2008

Colin Guthrie wrote:
> Seems like you've learnt a lot doing this, judging from your posts and 
> the pain you went through! Would you perhaps consider writing a kinda 
> HowTo etc. to extend the currently available docs? I reckon your 
> experience here would help others.

... maybe. When it comes to using and understanding an api, I'm not sure
a general howto on "how I solved problem X, Y, Z" is all that beneficial.

The api documentation in the header files is actually pretty damn good.
For me, it came down to scouring paplay.c, pacat.c, pavucontrol etc,
spotting the bits that addressed issues similar to what I was facing,
and experimenting until I understood the api usage. Understanding the
subtleties, like the difference between
   "Return the sink input resp. source output index this stream is
   identified in the server ..." (pa_stream_get_index()),
   "the index of the sink or source this stream is connected to in the
   server" (pa_stream_get_device_index())
comes from reading the headers, and experimenting.

What I reckon is most helpful is being able to float your issues on
the mailing list and draw on the the knowledge & experience of others.
I believe that's more valuable than a static 'how I once solved world
peace' doc. For example, I suspect the volume control problem I was
facing is very similar to slomo's issue (ticket 314). If that's so,
I'd love to be able to help, and the mailing list is the place for

With the volume control issue sorted, I'm not far off posting an
update to my mythtv patch that actually seems pretty smooth in
operation. Thank you all for your help!

cheers, Cal

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