[pulseaudio-discuss] Pulseaudio - no sound

Stefan Czinczoll schollsky at arcor.de
Fri Mar 7 12:25:58 PST 2008

Hi there,

as long-term Mandriva user I was not sure how to judge the decision to switch over from esd to pulseaudio. If you have a choice like that between KDE/GNOME it makes sense for me.

The new cooker updates ruined my soundsystem - well, on software level, and I'd like to compile pulseaudio and give it a try on my own. Soundcard is Audigy 4, kernel driver snd-emu-10k1. I've already set up a cooker bug report, which contains some details: https://qa.mandriva.com/show_bug.cgi?id=38348.

I know how to do a subversion checkout, but am stuck at the install part (./configure fails with no install.sh file found). Could you please help?

Kind regards,


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