[pulseaudio-discuss] SegFault when Switching from bluetooth sink

Donald Reader pa at reader.ws
Sun Mar 23 15:19:42 PDT 2008

Here is what I have done
1) I created an alsa sink on the command line with pactl load-module
module-alsa-sink device=bluetooth
2) from either the GUI or the command line I switch to the bluetooth

So far so good I get music to my BT headset.

now I want to switch back to my default/speakers so either in the GUI or
from command line a do the switch in the GUI it becomes completely 
un-responsive (freezes up) on the command line I just get a terminated 
message which I can't remember right this second but will  grab it next
time I feel like rebooting my machine which is the only way I can get
pulseaudio to work again

the only message I get in the sys log is

kernel: pulseaudio[3623]: segfault at 002b9553 eip 002b9553 esp b49a02c0
error 4

I am running a Fedora 8 system that I keep updated
I am only running one stream which has a client of Adobe Flash and the
sink input of Flash Animation. This feed is coming from

I know there have been issues with pulseaudio and Fedora so not sure if
it is a Fedora issue or an issue with pulseaudio itself.

Any suggestions or pointers in this matter would be greatly apprciated

Donald Reader

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