[pulseaudio-discuss] sound stopped working

Joerg Beyer j.beyer at web.de
Wed Mar 26 12:56:52 PDT 2008


I installed pulseaudio with ubuntu-8.4 (beta). Sound worked, but only 
for a few hours and stopped working - I have no idea what action might 
have caused it, since it happend while I switched watching a video from
my camcorder from one player to another.

Since it happend with the ubuntu beta, I filed a bug there:
Feel free to ask for further details.

I am looking for a way to determin, what eats my audio:
I use paplay test.wav - and I can not hear anything.
pavumeter shows a moving/changing signal -> seems OK

It maybe the alsa backend that kills the sound output - but I don't
know that.

How can I determind which component kills the audio signal?

    Thanks in advance

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