[pulseaudio-discuss] Pulseaudio alsa configure hook

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Thu May 1 06:58:22 PDT 2008

Sjoerd Simons wrote:
> Hi,
>   The attached patch extends the alsa pulse plugin set with a alsa
>   configuration hook. Allowing one to specify some configuration parameters
>   that only come into effect when pulseaudio is running.
>   For example a configution file like:
>     @hooks [ {
>        func on_pulse_is_running
>          pcm.!default { type pulse }
>          ctl.!default { type pulse }
>        }
>    ]

Just a quick question as I've not had a chance to try this out yet!

Does your code consider pulse as unavailable if it's suspended?

e.g. by running:

$ pasuspender <annoying application that uses alsa in a weird way>

Would the hook still try and push alsa sound via pulse?

It would rock if it didn't but I suspect it will :)


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