[pulseaudio-discuss] Moving sources and sinks

Matthew Patterson matt at v8zman.com
Sun May 4 17:34:49 PDT 2008

Sorry for the delay Nick, I've been out all weekend.

So I would start by looking in the python files as they are where the 
direct connection/control of the unix socket occur. Then there is a php 

Feel free to ask questions, I'm sure my code is more than a little 
confusing when you don't know exactly what I am intending.


Nick Thompson wrote:
> Awesome Matt, if you can share your source I would love to see it.
> What you are doing sounds interesting.
> For my app I'd like to have two classes of data.  For arguments sake  
> these are "normal" and "alert".  Normal audio (mp3, wav, application  
> data) needs to be routed to the currently selected output.  Alert  
> audio, which would include system sounds, tactile feedback and the  
> like, would need to be routed to a different source (and possibly also  
> the default output source as well).  Initially I was looking at some  
> sort of stream tagging mechanism using something like the class filed  
> in ALSA, but this is clunky and I cannot guarantee that all audio will  
> pass through alsa (for example the gstreamer pulse plugin looks  
> interesting for certain apps).  At the moment I'm trying to prototype  
> this on a regular x86 desktop system, later I'll move it to an  
> embedded system, once I've figured out a means to implement it.
> It think the issue I have can be described as follows: based on my  
> current understanding I would need to track every stream to determine  
> where to route it.  I'd like to cluster my normal and alert streams  
> together and route them all en-masse to a sink.
> Thanks!!
> Nick
> On May 2, 2008, at 10:37 AM, Matt Patterson wrote:
>> I do agree that coding for pulse can be a steep learning curve,  
>> which is why I opted to build all my solutions by simply connecting  
>> to the text mode control socket and sending commands/parsing text  
>> output. I have built what is essentially a multiplex audio switch  
>> allowing any of x number input sources to play out of any x number  
>> of output sinks, all controlled via a python or php app.
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