[pulseaudio-discuss] Moving sources and sinks

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon May 5 18:15:25 PDT 2008

On Sat, 03.05.08 11:48, Nick Thompson (rextanka at comcast.net) wrote:

> fully accept that my use of pulse might be somewhat unorthodox since  
> it is in a speciailsed embedded system, however I also think that  
> multiple device support and routing is of great interest, especially  
> to the music community.  One of the issues of audio support on  

Actually PA's focus does include embedded stuff, but it doesn't
include music production that much.

As mentioned, policy routing has been requested before, and added most
infrastructure that was necessary to implement it. It's in the
glitch-free banch. The missing bits and pieces are actually minor in
contrast to the infrastructure chnages.

> mainstream OS's like Max OS X is the lack of simultaneous synchronized  
> multiple device support and this is an area where pulse has a great  
> deal of potential.  Since the archives are online one would hope
> that  

Uh, this is not correct Mac OSX does have "aggregate" audio
devices. They never worked for me though.


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