[pulseaudio-discuss] Network Audio with Pulse

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Tue May 6 10:57:37 PDT 2008

eOn Mon, 07.04.08 18:34, Jim Duda (jim at duda.tzo.com) wrote:

> I've played with rtp.  Although it works, the audio isn't synchronized. 
>     Maybe it should be synchronized, but I haven't found that to be 
> true.  I can hear latency delay between multiple machines.

Yes, the RTP stuff doesn't do resampling on deviating quartzes. The
basic building blocks are all available now. It's just that noone has
spent any time to actually hook those things together. It's not much
work, if you know your way around in the PA sources.

It's somewhere on my TODO list, but not top priority.

Patches welcome.


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