[pulseaudio-discuss] is active ladspa in ubuntu hardy?

Juan A Fuentes juanantofb at gmail.com
Fri May 9 17:35:03 PDT 2008


is by default enabled ladspa module in ubuntu 8.04?

how can enable this module? any can send me a example of default.pa 
including this module?


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> Juan A Fuentes wrote:
>> hi, sorry, i an a low vision people, and i an have the hith contrast 
>> theme
>> on my xp for a god view of my screen
> Ahh I see. It didn't show up too well for me :(
>> the purpose is:
>>  ubuntu in a remote place, another room, ubuntu is running orca, a screen
>> reader, it saywitn a tts voice al text in the screen
>> via vnc my xp windows conect with ubuntu, i can listen in my xp pc the 
>> sound
>> emited by orca in the ubuntu pc
> Yes this should be entirely possible.
> It should be a matter of running pulseaudio on windows probably via
> executing pulseaudio.exe from that command line. You may have to
> configre the default.pa to allow network connections and without
> authentication. The wiki explains how.
> On the Ubuntu box e.g. when you've vnc'ed in, just type
>  $ export PULSE_SERVER=<addr of windows box>
> Then start your program from the same terminal.
> That should be all you need to do. You can also fiddle around with
> tunnels but this is the simplest way to get started. Have a look at the
> pulseaudio website for more information on each of the modules and how
> to use tunnels etc.
> Col
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