[pulseaudio-discuss] Wine 1.0_rc1 and pulseaudio

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Thu May 15 07:24:26 PDT 2008

Rafał Mużyło wrote:
> Just recently, I've noticed that sound in wine stopped working
> correctly.
> It took me that long, cause most things I ran in wine were using midi,
> which was working fine.
> It's the wave output that got broken.
> I have the standard pulseaudio setup from the page.
> I tried to see if can fix it and today finally came up with a patch (to
> wine), that works for me.
> However, it means only that I hear sound and it sounds about right, I'm
> not an audiophile.
> So, I'd like to hear if it works for anybody else.
> The patch is at http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13204.

There has been a lot of good information on this mailing list over the 
last couple weeks relating to wine and why it doesn't work with pulse.

There are three outstanding bugs on the Alsa bugtracker (again, just see 
this list's archive for more info on which ones, I can't recall off-hand!)

 From what I can tell two of them are valid and the third is invalid and 
relates to improper use of the ALSA api in wine which needs to be fixed. 
This relates to the assumption that snd_pcm_delay() will return 0 if 
there are no samples left to be played. This may never reach 0 with 
pulse as network delay/latency is also taken into consideration here. 
I've taken a very, very cursory look at your patch and I see you've 
commented out a call to snd_pcm_delay() so this ties in.

> And please CC me, if you've got any comments, cause the very first thing
> I do after subscribing to mailing list, that I rarely ever be posting
> to, is switching off mail delivery.

In that case, I would strongly recommend using Gmane. (http://gmane.org) 
If you have an NNTP reader (e.g. Thunderbird) it's ace for keeping up 
with lots of projects and posting messages to mailing lists without ever 
officially "subscribing" in the classic sense... I use it for lot's of 
open sourcey mailing lists.


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