[pulseaudio-discuss] Asynchronous notification in ALSA - I/O Plugin - Pulseaudio

Juha Erkkilä juha.erkkila at opinsys.fi
Tue May 20 23:46:04 PDT 2008

----- "Takashi Iwai" <tiwai at suse.de> kirjoitti:
> Yeah, the async support is a big missing piece in ioplug.  I didn't
> think it be so important until someone told me that flash player uses
> it.  Sigh.

It turns out Flash version 10 beta no longer uses the asynchronous API,
so using it is an option.

> I have experimental patches to add async support to ioplug.  With a
> quick test using jack plugin, it seems working somehow.  Will post
> them alsa-devel now.

Thank you!  I tested these with Firefox + Flash 9 + Pulseaudio, and while
sound output works, quitting any Flash application will freeze firefox.


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