[pulseaudio-discuss] sink-input.c: pa_sink_input_new vs PA_CORE_HOOK_SINK_INPUT_FIXATE

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Fri May 23 11:55:44 PDT 2008

Sorry for a delayed answer, I actually thought I sent a
reply already, but I just found out that sending mail has
been completely broken for a week... This is what I tried to
say, hopefully it's still helpful:

On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 09:58:07AM -0700, Nick Thompson wrote:
> It would be convenient to get at the sink-input (i.e. what is created  
> in the pa_sink_input struct, i in this routine) immediately after it  
> is created and verified from the verified pa_sink_input_new_data that  
> is passed into pa_sink_input_new - I'd really like to get the index of  
> the newly created sink input here so I can correlate it with the null  
> sink I created it against and subsequently redirected, and which I may  
> wish to further redirect in the future.

The glitch-free branch got merged yesterday to trunk, which
means that you now have a pa_proplist as part of
pa_sink_input_new_data. You can set arbitrary properties to
streams, by using environment variables, or
programmatically. As mentioned in
you should probably use the property media.role.

Tanu Kaskinen

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