[pulseaudio-discuss] Csound

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Tue Nov 25 02:18:04 PST 2008

Sergio wrote:
> Now Csound has an entry to Pulseaudio to use it as realtime renderer, so 
> i'm trying to use it on my Solaris station. The problem is that i get 
> really a communication between both softs, but the flux stops after some 
> lines. Other hand my paplay works greatly.
> Using PA as rt renderer, in my terminal i have that :
>    I: created 0 "Native client (UNIX socket client)"
>    I: client 0 changed name from "Native client (UNIX socket client)" to 
> "csound"
>    I: created 0 "csound-out" on solaris_output with sample spec 
> float32le 1ch 44100Hz
>    I: Creating new entry for <pulsecore/protocol-native.c$csound>
> First looks this good ?

First of all, I'm not really that much of a ninja here. I've only really 
got experience of pulse from a packager/integrator perspective and some 
reasonable experience with module programming. One area where I'm a bit 
of a noob is the client API which is what this is all about.

What I can say is that the above bit of log is good in terms of the 
initialisation cycle.

I'm assuming that things just die after this? the client app locks up?

If so, a few questions:
  1. When the csound client is locked, can you run paplay OK and the 
server responds or has it now been locked too?
  2. (assuming server lock in 1.) If you kill the csound client, does 
the server recover?
  3. Can you connect to either the client or the server in gdb and get a 

I'm guessing that something has entered a deadlocked state and that's 
why things are freezing. The questions I'm asking above are really just 
to try and work out how badly deadlocked things really are!

Hopefully it will provide some insight into the csound implementation 
and can point the way to a fix.

I'm sure Lennart would be able to offer more constructive (not to 
mention accurate) advice than myself and I think he'll be back pretty 
soon (although no-doubt returning to a massive backlog!!)


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