[pulseaudio-discuss] RTP streaming problem

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Nov 27 09:28:46 PST 2008

Colin Guthrie wrote:
> Alberto Sánchez Molero wrote:
>> Hi, I'm trying to set up an streaming server for my LAN using 
>> pulseaudio's rtp-send module. I'd like to stream songs played with 
>> mplayer (using ALSA, I don't have the pulseaudio patch for mplayer) and 
>> voice from the microphone through my LAN, but using load-module 
>> module-rtp-send destination=" <>" 
>> port="50220" loop="true" (and also loop="false") only streams audio from 
>> microphone. What can I do for streaming audio from ALSA applications?
>> Thanks in advance.
> You need to tell pulse which sink to use when playing in mplayer.
> In theory, this should just be a matter of playing your tune, running 
> pavucontrol, and then using the menu on the running stream (sould have 
> mplayer and alsa in the stream name) to "move stream" to the RTP sink.
> You can also set the environment variable PULSE_SINK accordingly.
> I've not played too much with the RTP stuff so it may be that it needs 
> to piggy back onto another sink or something... can't remember off 
> hand... I usually use the paprefs option to enable RTP.

Actually looking at the docs for the module-rtp-send, you'll probably 
need to load a module with the source="blah" argument where blah is the 
"monitor source" of the sink you want to send to the remote computer.

You can use the monitor source of the default sink which would mean that 
sound would be heard locally too. If you prefer silence locally you can 
load a null-sink..

load-module module-null-sink sink_name="rtp"
load-module module-rtp-send source="rtp.monitor" 
destination="" port="50220"

Then you could do:
export PULSE_SINK="rtp"
mplayer blah.mpg

That should work :)




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