[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH] esound auth-ip-acl fix

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Sat Oct 4 15:34:02 PDT 2008

On Thu, 02.10.08 21:18, Nix (nix at esperi.org.uk) wrote:

> > Is it possible that your card can do either surround sound XOR full
> > duplex? i.e. either stereo in + stereo out XOR surround out + nothing
> > in?
> I don't have a clue if it can do surround sound. I only have two
> speakers,
> so I certainly don't *want* surround sound. How do I find out?

For PA to do Surround you have to configure it to do so. By default
only do stereo.

> > m-h-d should load the sinks before the sources and hence it should be
> > handling this fine, assuming that surround is more important to you
> > the duplex.
> Well *that's* a bizarre assumption. I don't actually know anyone not an
> audiophile who has more than two speakers, and even *they* have the
> extra speakers connected to their hi-fi, not their computer. Hell, my
> sister's a part-time musician and *she* only has two speakers (as she
> puts it, `I only have two ears'). (My understanding of surround sound
> is that it's an extension of stereo to >2 speakers, right?)

It's not that bizarre since it will do surround only if you configured
to do it. And when you did it's very likely that you really want it.

> This is the underlying cause of the 'ALSA doesn't work for me' thing I
> moaned about long ago and then failed to do anything about. Here's some
> log output with a pile of extra debugging statements dropped into PA and
> alsa-lib to show what's going on. (There are debugging statements after
> the ioctl() decorated with `Setting hw params', but it gets an -ENOTTY,
> so they are never reached.)

What driver is this again?
> I'm afraid the log is quite long, and the output comes from a time
> before I fixed the esound bug so that's going wrong as well. (Ignore the
> hrtimer stuff: as far as I can tell my 2001-vintage hardware isn't
> capable of giving me hrtimers. Maybe I should upgrade.)

Hmm, hrtimers are actually support by everything that has an HPET. And
I think systems have that since quite a while.

Hmm, I am not sure hat exactly is going on with your system, but I am
pretty sure that's a bug in the ALSA driver. Please bring this up on


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