[pulseaudio-discuss] Flash Plugin 10 Install Borks Audio

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Sat Oct 18 02:29:45 PDT 2008

Richi Plana wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-10-17 at 10:01 +0100, Colin Guthrie wrote:
>> Richi Plana wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I tried upgrading to flash-plugin- from Adobe
>>> and I get video without audio on YouTube. It used to work with Flash
>>> plugin 9.
>>> I tried reinstalling libflashsupport (just semi-randomly trying things)
>>> but that didn't get audio back. According to
>>> http://macromedia.mplug.org/ , I'm supposed to remove libflashsupport
>>> and even after doing so, still no audio.
>>> Also following the above doc, I now how the ff. related packages on my
>>> system and still no joy:
>>> $ rpm -q nspluginwrapper pulseaudio-libs flash-plugin pulseaudio
>>> nspluginwrapper-1.1.2-1.fc9.x86_64
>>> nspluginwrapper-1.1.2-1.fc9.i386
>>> pulseaudio-libs-0.9.10-2.fc9.x86_64
>>> pulseaudio-libs-0.9.10-2.fc9.i386
>>> flash-plugin-
>>> pulseaudio-0.9.10-2.fc9.x86_64
>>> Any ideas?
>> Well I have libflashsupport and flash 10 installed here and it works 
>> fine, so it's not a fundamental problem. While libflashsupport is not 
>> *needed* now, it's still not a bad idea as it's a bit nicer in 
>> pavucontrol and probably does a couple other "nice things" when 
>> interacting with pulse.
> Any tips for where to begin troubleshooting the problem I have? What
> should I check to see where things are failing?

Well I guess that 32-bit sound is working OK pulseaudio libs seeing as 
your flash9 + libflashsupport is working OK.

Do you know 100% that 32-bit sound via *alsa* is working OK? e.g. do you 
have the necessary 32-bit alsa-lib + alsa-plugins installed for that?

For me libflashsupport works happily with flash10 but if you've removed 
it then your flash will be trying to use alsa and without the above 
mentioned libraries, it will fail.

If you reinstall libflashsupport, try looking in "lsof | grep 
flashsupport" to make sure that the library is indeed in use.

Failing finding anything useful in that, try checking the output of 
pulseaudio -vvv (kill the old one!) and trying to see if flash even 
tries to connect to the PA daemon.




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