[pulseaudio-discuss] Monitor devices and unconnected sources.

Knut-Håvard Aksnes kna at tirsdagsklubben.nu
Fri Oct 24 06:04:54 PDT 2008

Knut-Håvard Aksnes wrote:
> To clearify a little: I need to send a timestamped (adjusted for 
> latency) audio stream downstream. This stream should be continous, 
> audio should be sent even when no clients are connected to the 
> interface being monitored. This should work even when clients connect, 
> then disconnect and then the same or another application reconnects.
> Is this possible using the existing API?
> If the answer is yes how?
> If the answer is no, could the API be  extended to make it possible?
Can I assume that i will always be informed about underflow if it occurs 
before a pa_mainloop_dispatch finishes?
If this is the case can I then assume that without this information lack 
of audio means that no audio source is available?
If the answer of the second question is yes will the latency information 
available be good enough to generate the correct amount of silence myself?

If I generate too much silence I might be in for a bad surprise, when I 
can't keep the timestamps increasing if I get audio on the next call, if 
I don't generate silence my backend can't multiplex the different 
streams. The multiplexer needs at least the timestamps to know how to 
proceed, it might have to resample some audio due to clock differences, 
between different media sources.
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