[pulseaudio-discuss] PulseAudio crashes on ArchLinux

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Tue Sep 23 10:24:40 PDT 2008

On Tue, 23.09.08 08:30, Paul Ezvan (paul at ezvan.fr) wrote:

> > > I have kernel 2.6.26. I recompiled it with Config_HZ=1000 instead of 300,
> > > and pulseaudio crashes less often. With alsa-lib 1.0.18rc3 instead of
> > > 1.0.17 I saw a small improvement.
> > > Crashes occur more often when the CPU is loaded, for exemple while
> > > compiling. The CPU is also never idle because of Folding at Home working in
> > > background, niced of course.
> > > Also another people using ArchLinux is experimenting the same problem on
> > > different hardware (AC97 codec).
> > > Here is the log : http://pastebin.com/mbc32989
> >
> > This output shows crash, or am I blind? What kind of crash happens?

Sorry, there was a "no" missing in this sentence, sorry for the confusion.

> >
> > Lennart
> I am sorry, it is not the correct log (??), here is the correct one : 
> http://pastebin.com/m539405bc

Hmm, OK, so your PA terminated due to overloading your CPU. 

Unfortunately it is not easy to figure out what is going on. PA
probably spins in some kind of busy loop. The question is which one
that is. A good way to find out which one would be running a profiler
on PA.

Do you think you'd be able to do that? I can give a few hints but it's
no fun unless you already know you way around with low-level debugging
tools like gdb.


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