[pulseaudio-discuss] Yet another bluetooth-related question (sorry)

Erik Boritsch borych at gmx.de
Sat Apr 18 01:27:18 PDT 2009


> > Unless gnome-bluetooth does matter that much, I'm completely puzzled.
> > Hope you
> > can give me some directions.
> What about module-bluetooth-discover? Do you have it loaded?

It was loaded, but that doesn't matter, apparently is was a misconfiguration on 
my side, I haven't recompiled pulseaudio after bluez 3 to 4 update and there 
were some shared libraries according to revdep-rebuild. 
It works now, although I have encountered a couple of weird crashes, but won't 
post anything till I have something I can reliably reproduce (and I am 
recharging my headset now, so experiments will have to wait ;) ).

Thanks for the quick reply, btw!
Erik Boritsch,
University of Trier.

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