[pulseaudio-discuss] Pulseaudio server for playing 32-bit chroot sounds on 64-bit host machine

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Fri Apr 24 07:39:16 PDT 2009

'Twas brillig, and Ng Oon-Ee at 24/04/09 12:54 did gyre and gimble:
> Thank you both Lennart and Colin for your continued assistance.
> I know /tmp IS being shared, that's why I can see two different 
> /tmp/pulse-XXXX folders being created when I try to use paplay from 
> within the 32-bit chroot. The relevant lines I run are:-
>        mount --bind /proc /opt/arch32/proc
>        mount --bind /proc/bus/usb /opt/arch32/proc/bus/usb
>        mount --bind /dev /opt/arch32/dev
>        mount --bind /dev/pts /opt/arch32/dev/pts
>        mount --bind /dev/shm /opt/arch32/dev/shm
>        mount --bind /sys /opt/arch32/sys
>        mount --bind /tmp /opt/arch32/tmp
>        mount --bind /home /opt/arch32/home
> It's the weekend, and I won't be having access to that machine, so 
> please forgive any delay in replies, I do appreciate your assistance.

That's OK, we'll get there in the end :)

I'm not really sure what the problem is, but try making sure your pa 
server supports TCP connections (use paprefs to enable this: allow other 
machines on the network to connect or something similar), and then try 
setting PULSE_SERVER=localhost and run paplay on the 64 bit side, then 
do the same on the 32 bit side and see if that works.



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