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Daniel Mack daniel at caiaq.de
Tue Dec 8 18:47:08 PST 2009

Here's a series of 7 patches that add support for the PA daemon to run
under OS X.

Two real OS X bugs are worked around. One is that poll() does not work,
so we have to enable the select() workaround. The other is that we can't
detect hung up descriptors with recv() and MSG_PEEK, as it will eat up
data from the descriptor. Use an ioctl for this.

There are two new modules, one for CoreAudio device management and 
hotplug detection, and one for the audio stream implementation. There is
currently no support for sources (inbound audio data) and hardware
volume controls, but at least it works, so it's good enough for a
first release.

These patches are also available at

 git://github.com/zonque/pulseaudio.git topic/osx

Expect that branch to be rebased, so don't track it.

I would appreciate if someone could give that sources a try and see
whether it also works on other machines.


[PATCH 1/7] configure.ac: add DARWIN_OS variable
[PATCH 2/7] core-rtclock.c: tweak OS_IS_DARWIN constraints
[PATCH 3/7] src/Makefile.am: add specific OS_IS_DARWIN files
[PATCH 4/7] poll() is totally broken on Mac OS X
[PATCH 5/7] hack around another OS X bug: recv() with MSG_PEEK does not work
[PATCH 6/7] CoreAudio: add device detection module
[PATCH 7/7] CoreAudio: add audio device module

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