[pulseaudio-discuss] asyncq.c: q overrun, queuing locally

Chris cpollock at embarqmail.com
Tue Dec 29 04:19:45 PST 2009

On Tue, 2009-12-29 at 10:03 +0000, Colin Guthrie wrote:
> 'Twas brillig, and Chris at 29/12/09 02:43 did gyre and gimble:
> > I noticed tonight that when I was copying a 1.2Gb file to my thumb drive
> > that it took forever. From a suggestion in another list I ran in a
> > terminal pulseaudio -k ; pulseaudio -vvvv. I've attached the output. One
> > other thing of note, after disabling pulseaudio I was able to copy the
> > file in around 3minutes. In the previous example I had to stop the copy
> > process after 15 minutes at only 50%. This is on:
> > 
> > Mandriva 2010
> > pulseaudio 0.9.19-7mdv2010.0
> > Gnome 2.28.0
> > 
> > Any other information I need to provide please let me know.
> D'oh. Ignore my last question about disk IO etc. I know your drive is
> trashing... totally forgot to make connection from Mdv bug report and
> thread on alsa ML :p
> So I guess the problem is in some capacity PA freaking out in some
> capacity due to the alsa error and causing the thrashing, which in turn
> causes some IO cloggage which prevents your xfer going at a sensible
> speed... I'm not really sure more than that... tho'. Hopefully someone
> cleverer than me can offer a thought on your log file.
> Col

Not only is it affecting file transfer Colin, it's also affecting
spamassassins scan time. For instance with prior to my upgrade to 2010
and the newer pa version I was seeing scan times like below:

Email:    99  Autolearn:     0  AvgScore:   6.57  AvgScanTime: 14.80 sec
Spam:     40  Autolearn:     0  AvgScore:  26.68  AvgScanTime: 11.94 sec
Ham:      59  Autolearn:     0  AvgScore:  -7.07  AvgScanTime: 16.74 sec

Now they are in the range of:

Email:    34  Autolearn:     0  AvgScore:   3.06  AvgScanTime: 27.26 sec
Spam:      9  Autolearn:     0  AvgScore:  24.33  AvgScanTime: 27.77 sec
Ham:      25  Autolearn:     0  AvgScore:  -4.60  AvgScanTime: 27.08 sec

so it appears as if most all IO functions are affected. How would I get
the newer version to test?


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