[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH for] Re: RTP segfault/uninitialized resampler in pulse 0.9.14 ?

Erich Boleyn erich at uruk.org
Tue Feb 3 18:32:15 PST 2009

Erich Boleyn <erich at uruk.org> wrote:

> Using RTP for multi-room music streaming, updated to Pulse 0.9.14 from
> 0.9.9, RTP reception new crashes with a segfault on all machines at the
> first "Updating sample rate" log message.
> Source of the segfault appears to be null pointer for "impl_update_rates"
> function in resampler routine, perhaps uninitialized resamplers in general?

A fresh look after work made the resampler initialization code pop out.

The problem is in the sink connection being made from "module-rtp-recv.c",
the "PA_SINK_INPUT_VARIABLE_RATE" flag should be passed into
"pa_sink_input_new", but is not there.

Made the change and tested it, fixes the problem.  Checked and head-of-
tree off of the pulseaudio.org source browsing link does not have this
fix either.

One-liner patch attached.

(now the RTP receiver machines without "glitch-free" have wildly variable
 audio...  next item is to add a debouncer, since playback speed is
 generally pretty stable this should be OK)
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