[pulseaudio-discuss] Organizing a PulseAudio Developers Meeting

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Thu Feb 5 13:50:31 PST 2009


Back at foss.in 2008 in Bangalore I spoke to a couple folks from Intel
(who I assume are on this mailing list, are you?) about the
possibility to arrange a PulseAudio developers meeting some time later
this year. Nokia folks seems to be very interested in this as
well. Before we can do this I'd like to have a better overview how
many people would actually show up for this. And that's why I am
writing this email.

So, here's what I have in mind: last year I was lucky to be able to
attend a BlueZ developers meeting in Helsinki. I'd roughly model our
PA meeting after that. Basically, it's just a couple hackers in a room,
with a very, very lose schedule. We'd have a list of topics to discuss,
everbody can ask (and respond to) questions, everyone has his laptop
and can hack away, in a very relaxed atmosphere. Timeframe would be
two or three days.

To make the organization a bit easer and travelling a bit cheaper it
might be a good idea to organize this attached to the Bluez
meeting. i.e. meet at the same place but in a different room or a few
days apart.

I understood the Intel Bangalore folks that they'd even be willing to
provide a location for hosting this meeting. Marcel mentioned that he
plans a BlueZ meeting around that time in London. Another option would
be to hold it next to the Plumbers conf in Portland. Or -- which would
be easiest for me -- here at Red Hat Berlin.

The BlueZ meetings are invitation only. Given that we didn't have any
PA meeting before I'd however keep things open for now: whoever feels he
could contribute is welcome to attend. Note however that this is
supposed to be a developer's meeting, not a user's meeting.

Anyway, for now I'd like to ask you guys for opinions. Also, I'd be very
thankful if those who are interested to attend would drop me a line
(off-list, and that includes the folks who I already talked to before,
since i never compiled a list of names). Before we discuss locations
we should probably know how many people will show up, or anyone will
show up at all.

Thank you,


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